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Blonde teen with puffy nipples

Not everyone is a big fan of puffy nipples. I don’t like them too much, myself, but i do believe that they have their place on killerboobies. com and that’s why i don’t want to withhold this lovely girl from you. This hot blonde chick has some nice small titties, all naturals off course, with those big puffy nipples. If you’re into small tits with big puffy nips, this is your stuff. Her name is Sonia C and like a few other pretty girls she originates in Eastern Europe. I really should start planning my vacation there! Sonia loves ice cream and she likes to keep her pussy smooth and bald for you to lick it from. She says her favourite sex idea is to put a guy’s penis in a big bowl of vanilla ice cream and then suck it real hard. I don’t know about you guy’s but i think that hurts! Anyways, she claims all men come within 2 minutes when she does that. And she loves the cold vanilla mixed with the hot sperm in the back of her throat. I think it’s nasty, but i volunteer to try it!

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All natural 34EE boobs, brought to you by the Czech Republic

Czech model Zuzanna is the proud owner of a great rack of huge 34 EE juicy melons. Some girls might see such giant tits more as a burden, but not this chick. She openly claims that her all natural killer boobs have helped her more than once, to get her in places she needed to be. I don’t blame her : I use my dick just as much to get into places where I want to be. She also claims that the Czech Republic has the most beautiful models in the world and coincidently it’s just a few weeks ago since we had Marketa Belonoha posing nude next to the pool. You all remember those smoking hot pictures, right? If not : scroll back to my post from 27th of February and we can argue a bit over those Czech nude models. They do seem to have a couple of babes over there and, maybe even better, they seem to carry mostly real tits. I guess plastic surgery isn’t that popular in Eastern Europe and we can only be glad about that. Marketa had rather small titties, but that can’t be said about this gal. A 34EE cup, which is a 34F in Europe apparantly, is pretty massive and all I hope is that this bitch does her back execercises every day.

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Sexy amateur model Jenna gets wet on the beach

Sexy Jenna always wanted to be a model. Last year we surprised her by turning up at her place with a semi-professional camera and a map to a nice location. She’s a real nice girl and we wanted to do her a pleasure. That’s why we promised to never show the pics to anyone, but since she did a dozen other shoots in the meantime, I guess it doesn’t really matter that much anymore.

When we got on the location, a nice spot on the beach that has a shower place, she got all anxious and threw off her clothes and revealed a lovely tiny striped bikini. After a few shots we turned on the water from the shower and she got all wet and crazy. Jenna’s pretty wild, but we never saw her titties until that day. Just one minute under the water and we got the view we wanted for years. It was well worth the waiting, because she has some spectacular all natural perky little tits.

Some more pictures of this sexy shoot are posted here.

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Calista : large hooter alert

Today’s girl is Calista. Calista’s biggest asset is a pair of huge natural tits and a lovely smile. But mainly her big hooters. This black haired foxy lady likes to get sperm in her face and on her tits. She doesn’t mind swallowing loads of cum and her favourite position is anal. She likes it when a man slaps her natural mature tits and gets medieval on her nipples. They once told me that girls with giant boobs have stretched nerves in their melons, which means you can pull the shit out of those nipples and use such big jugs as boxing bags, sort of. At least this bitch told us it’s true.

So imagine getting out of your pants, she starts sucking your cock and you pull them milkbags as hard as you can, while she moans for more. I could get down with that. Off course the opposite is true for tiny titties : be carefull with those! Or you might get some teethmarks on your dick.

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Lovely teen with big siliconefree hooters

Hot brunette teen Lily Lovely carries a pair of juicy all naturals. In this photoshoot she acts all shy but don’t be mistaken : she’s ready to swallow your jizz any time of day. Wouldn’t you want to be the guy on these pictures? Feeling and filling her up, unhooking that girly golden bra and pinch her nips? Sure you do! This babe’s tits are definitely real. If you’d have some doubts about that, be sure to click on through to a video and watch her titties get a bit saggy when this stud does her from behind. There’s no doubt : these are all real, all natural teen tits. No surgeon has been messing with this girl. Perfect tittie fucking material. Enjoy.

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Dana’s desirable 34C boobies

Meet Playboy’s all natural babe Dana Lemor. Daba likes reading psychology books when not working hard at her office manager job. She enjoys pilates, jet skiing, racketball,going to the movies then stoping in South Beach for sushi and mojitos. I myself enjoy her real 34 C tits. This all American slut doesn’t do body modification like piercings, tattoos or plastic surgery and Im’ particulary happy with the last one in that list. Otherwise, I’d have to slap her bubble butt from my blog, but I’m not against that. I’d even enjoy slapping her round ass, I guess.

Dana originates from Miami, Florida, so she’s all warm blooded and I can image her walking around in bikini all day long with the weather over there. Imagine coming home from your job in those tropical conditions and walking in the kitchen where this bitch is cooking your dinner. Her sweaty body and your hard dick would be a perfect match. Just two little pieces of clothing that needs to be unhooked and she’s all naked and ready for some action. There’s no need for her to stop stirring those veggies. Just be careful where you drop your load, boys.

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