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Wash Them Titties

Check out this hot blonde chick getting wet in the shower. Don’t you just love watching a beautiful girl getting all wet and clean? Especially when she has such a nice rack of natural tits, like this one! Today’s babe let me take some pictures yesterday when she threw off her clothes and got in the bathroom. She didn’t have to ask twice!

Her name is Sarah, she’s 19 and gives a hell of a blowjob. When I see her, I can’t stop staring at those nice all natural tits. I can’t tell you what the colour of her eyes is ūüėČ

Enjoy the pictures.

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Blonde Tammi shows her huge rack of melon boobs

Today¬†i came across¬†a blonde girl with some very nice tits. Now, you already know i like tits, but i also like blondes! Oh well, who am i kidding… I like all hair colours.¬†

Anyways,¬†i wouldn’t want to keep this beautiful young lady from you, so¬†i got you guys some nice pictures.¬†She got on the couch and after some posing and teasing she finally showed the goodies and¬†it was well worth the waiting : just look at those perfect¬†melons.¬†And it gets even better when she puts¬†her jugs around some lucky guy’s hard cock.

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The beautiful all natural B34 boobs from Jillian McCarty

Welcome to my brand new natural boobs blog! I like nice tits, who doesn’t, so that’s why I will bring you only killer boobies on this site. First off is all natural beauty Jilian McCarty, showing her perfect pair of B34 breasts. This brunette is eager to take her clothes off and loves to show not only her nice rack, but also her clean shaven pussy. Enjoy.

For more Jilian : click here

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Not one, but two Californian waitresses with natural jugs : a unique couple.

Girls Cum First

Charlie and Ruca are two stunningly hot Californian waitresses who work at a known bar at the beach. These two hot babes both carry a pair of fresh all natural hooters and many guys come for drinks at the bar, just for drewling over their chests. If your not going nearby Cali for a while or if you just want check out their tits, there’s more after you click through.

Charlie and Ruca, the hottest pair of waitresses in Cali.

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All natural playmate Kate Brenner

Today’s update is all about Kate Brenner, the all natural Playboy model from Huntington Beach, CA. I’m not that interested in where she comes from or what her hobby’s are, but for thos guys who’d like to know : go here. As a 100% boobman i am interested in this chick’s all natural titties, off course. Not a single surgeon has messed with this hot blonde’s body and that’s how we like them here. And most of the time, we don’t care that women aren’t perfect, but this smoking bombshell isn’t exactly not perfect, if you get what i mean? Check it out yourself.

More over here

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Killer Boobies Are Real!

Many years ago, there was a woman nicknamed Chesty Morgan who had a bust that measured seventy three inches. Yes, you read that right! Even today, she holds the record for the largest natural tits in the adult industry. These killer boobies actually starred in two different sexploitation movies. One of those movies – Deadly Weapons – was about Chesty Morgan seducing men with her giant tits, drugging them, then breast smothering the men. The other movie – Double Agent 73 – was about an agency that used her giant left boob as a location to implant a camera to help get rid of low level heroin dealers. This movie didn’t really have much to do with murders involving Chesty’s huge tits, but it’s still a staple in her life history due to the fact that her large breasts helped her earn a role in two movies. And her fans would definitely say that she has “killer boobies”.

Whether or not you really realize this, ¬†there are lots of men around the world that have a strong obsession with women who have big natural breasts. The bigger the boobs, the better, is what they firmly believe, and you can’t convince these men otherwise. The thought of a girl modifying her breasts artificially makes these men cringe, because they appreciate the natural beauty that women with big natural tits were graced with. They love the look, size, shape, and feel of these large boobs and enjoy having sexual fantasies and actual sexual experiences with large tits. Best of all, their big tit fetish is something that’s not considered too taboo!

You can stream Chesty’s classic tit flix online or hunt down the DVDs if you like to collect DVDs instead of just streaming. Break out your credit card and support big natural tits!

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