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Hot Goth : Azrael Arden reveals her all natural tiny tits

Hot goth chick Azrael Arden posed at her home in Philadelphia for our friends at Crazy Babe and we all know what we can expect from them : “dirty” shots from dirty girls. The sexy Azrael Arden fits the profile with her natural tight body, gothic look and tattooed skin. Her real tits get squeezed and her clean shaven pussy gets rubbed. In a not so distant past, this ex-redhead wasn’t so famous, but she’s a rising star now and we can only support that, since we love shaven chix with cool tattoos. Enjoy the full shoot wit all tats and tits after the click.

Full shoot here.

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Sexy playmate Gianna Mazzon shows her 34D all naturals

Gianna Mazzon originates in la dolce Italia and likes to cook and party. This 24 year old brunette enjoys physical activities like football, dancing and baseball, which shows off on her lean body. Outside that she loves to cook and party and she has a soft spot for photography. Since i enjoy holding a camera and i love spaghetti she’s hereby invited to come cook for me in the nude, since these pictures obviously tell me she hasn’t a problem with nudity. Her rather small 34D naturals won’t be in the way when cooking a bolognese and if they do, I’d be rather pleased to move them a bit out of the way. All my pleasure.

Full gallery here

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Eastern European MILF gets her all real 36E tits out

Today i introduce you to Paris. Not Paris Hilton (seems the only Paris people know these days, but you guys realise there’s also a little town in France with that name, right?), but mature MILF Paris, straight out of Eastern Europe. The only thing she and the heiress have in common is the colour of their hair and i’m doubting either one is real. Today’s Paris has a nice big rack of all natural saggy tits. More precisely a 36E cup. I’m always shocked when these women get their big hooters out. How do they engage in normal activities like jogging or dancing? On the other hand : i guess they stay afloat when they go overboard, which can be a nice feature, no? Anyways, enjoy the all real saggy 36 E tits from Paris!

Full gallery : here

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The juicy B34 naturals of pornfreak Marie Luv

Gorgeous black pornstar Marie Luv has a nice rack of all real B34 tits. In this set of pictures, from our friends over at Crazy Babe, she’s dressed up in latex with stiletto boots and lets us enjoy her juicy black titties and smooth shaven lips. Marie is the self proclaimed freak of porn and likes anal sex on and off camera. This 28 year old scorpio appeared in over 150 movies, but the pictures we have here today are something special. I’ll be checking Crazy Babe’s site often to get you guy’s the best material and only women with all natural killer boobies, off course. Not all pornstars live a siliconefree life, but only the real deal gets a place on Killer Boobies. Enjoy the firm black 34 B tits from Marie.

Full Gallery here.

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Siliconefree Kitten on the run

Today’s girl is Kitten, a mom of two, who likes to keep her figure in shape and goes around the block a couple of times a day. And that is to be taken quite literally. My friend loves to jog and met her on one of his runs while she was stretching her legs. They got in a conversation and he mentioned his professional photography carreer, which chicks seem to dig, no matter how ugly he is. Het even talked her in to running down the field with her top off! Nice shots from that. This MILF sports some real saggy all naturals, but my friend really loves that, so he invited her over to his place for drinks. Watch the photos of him getting nasty sucking those real MILF breasts and click on through to the gallery for some tittiefucking action.

Check out the full gallery here.

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Easy on the eyes : the perfect rack of delicious Judy

Today’s babe is Judy and she is simply gorgeous. Judy is 18 years old, has long legs, brown hair and a stunning rack of good looking perky tits. This is a teen i’d sure like to brush my teeth with in the morning, that’s for sure. In the set of photo’s she gets ready to go to bed and she does it with style. Brushing her teeth, taking her underwear off and washing her perky teenage tits. I bet she loves a good pinch in them. Don’t you love teenage titties? All perky and tight so you could suck them all day untill they got blue nipples. I loved being a teenager and feeling my first set of breasts, pulling that nipple and getting my face slapped for pulling it too hard. Women still do that when i keep pulling and pinching their nips, but i just can’t resist. Sweet and innocent looking babes like Judy aren’t saints, boys : they smile for a good pinch in the nipple and a firm thumb up the ass. Let’s give them the pleasure they want.

You can find Judy’s full gallery here

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